Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Think for Yourself! – Steve Hindes

Steve Hindes the abortionist is also an author. He wrote a book called Think for Yourself! The subtitle is, An Essay on Cutting through the Babble, the Bias, and the Hype.

I checked it out from the library to see what he had to say. I honestly tried to read the book but it gave me one big yawn. I just couldn’t force myself to finish it. I do have my limits on what I’m willing to suffer in doing my research.

As I scanned through it, it seemed that there was a lot of proclamation going on. Steve can be very opinionated. That’s fine, but don’t act like you are trying to get me to think for myself when you are telling me what to think.

I looked around to see what others thought. I found this blog post that summed up the book very well.

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