Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Women Speak About Abortion

Take some time to listen to voices of women who have been through abortion. You will hear stories of pain and sorrow that began with their abortion.

Here are the voices and videos of women who will be silent no more:

Silent No More Campaign on YouTube

Don't make the mistake of going to Healthy Futures for an abortion. There are better alternatives. Abortion will change your future for the worse. Steve Hindes is the abortionist at Healthy Futures.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Abortion Changes You

It doesn't matter what you believe about abortion.
It will change you.

You will never be the same.

Life will be different.

Someone's grandchild will be dead.

Choosing abortion opens a Pandora's Box. Don't make a huge mistake by thinking abortion will be a simple solution.

At Healthy Futures for Women, they want you to believe that abortion is very common and safe. What they avoid talking about is what happens after they take your money and Steve Hindes takes your baby. That's when the real problems begin. You may not notice right away but there it is festering below the surface. It may take some time but you won't be able to escape the impact on your life.

Abortion changes everything - in a very bad way.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abortion and Adoption

"things are messed up when an abortion is $500 and an adoption is $25,000"

Camron Strang

Healthy Futures for Women is an abortion clinic. Steve Hindes is the abortionist. He is also known as Stephen Hindes.

He likes to be known as a Family Practice doctor. That's how he looks on his "reputable" website stevehindesmd.com. Even on the abortion site, Healthy Futures for Women, he doesn't make himself known but everybody knows that he is the one who kills the babies. He claims to have killed thousands.

I wonder if he is ashamed of what he does. I wonder if his own kids know.

Adoption is much better than abortion. The baby lives and the mother avoids a load of regrets. Abortion makes the abortionist richer. Adoption gives life to a lot of people.

Choose life.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why I Picket the Abortionist

I PICKET because I know that babies are being killed every day in my community. These killings demand some act of intervention on the babies' behalf. I am there to intercede for them and their mothers before their date with the abortionist.

I PICKET because many of the women having abortions are Christians* and some of them may go to my church or other churches in the community. My presence may encourage them to reconsider their decision or to ask their pastors about Christian teaching on abortion. This doctrine is rarely discussed in most churches.

I PICKET because 43% of women having abortions have previously had an abortion. My presence makes a statement of protest and may influence some of them to act more responsibly in the future.*

I PICKET because it makes the abortionists uncomfortable. They like to do their killing unobtrusively, under pretense that they are esteemed physicians. My presence calls attention to their motive of greed and their callous behavior.

I PICKET because it sends a chilling message to the other doctors. Doctors know that a woman will cross a picket line for an abortion, but women don't want to cross that line for common medical treatment. Doctors know that if they start killing babies and we start picketing, they will lose many of their regular clients.

I PICKET because our community needs to know where abortions are done and what goes on in the abortion mill. I am a grim and unpleasant reminder that offends our foes and ruffles the sensibilities of some of the prolife folks who would like to forget this national shame.

I PICKET because it allows me to take a forthright, public stance. Each time I demonstrate, it forces me to re-examine my logic, my motive, my faith and my obedience to God.

I PICKET because standing outside the abortion mill and being a witness to abortions each day gives me some comprehension of the aborting of America. That insight motivates me to be informed and active in several prolife programs.

I PICKET because I believe that God wants me to. I believe that He uses my hands and feet to do something He wants done. Every once in a while He lets me see a little bit of what He is doing through the picket. That's my encouragement.

I PICKET because it polarizes the community and encourages those who pass by to pick a side. This is a valid strategy because there are more prolife folks than there are proabortion folks. Picketers are an assault force that opens the battle. Once we have created the ideological beachhead, other activist groups are better able to do the work of informing, educating, and persuading.

* Statistics from The Alan Guttmacher Institute.

The hands of the unborn are too weak to ward off their own death. Their voices are silent and unable to protest their brutal treatment. These little ones have no effective hands or voices other than yours.

Pete H

Stephen Hindes is the abortionist at Healthy Futures for Women. He is also known as Steve Hindes. Sometimes they call the place Healthy Futures PC.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Stephen Hindes on Google

This review appears if you do a Google maps search for 300 E Hampden Englewood, CO and then click on Healthy Futures.

Violated‎ - Nickname unavailable‎ - Jul 8, 2008

I went in for a non-surgical abortion to avoid the hassles and pain of surgery. This is a difficult thing for anyone to do and I was hoping he could make this relatively easy. Trying to save time, when he told me the RU486 may fail in 5% of the cases, I said "I know", he got defensive and said "You know? Then explain it me, I did not think so". They had already prodded me with an internal ultrasound (I requested abdominal), and the nurse confrimed an internl exam was not necessary. When the doctor came in I told him i was small and asked him if he could avoid an internal exam, or at least use only one finger, instead he retributed by making even more uncomfortable by putting more fingers than was necessary. He made sure it was uncomfortable, and made me confirm that, to his satisfaction, although he was disappointed that i did not participate in whimsical chit chat with him, WHILE he was hurting me! So, while I focusd on getting through it and crying (OK, women getting an abortion can easily cry if they are harassed) he ordered the nurse to bring a "normal size" (not small size) specula so that he could "try it out to see if it fit" in the 5% chance I needed a follow-up surgical procedure (NOT necessary and NOT administered to any other non-surgical patient but me) . I said of course it would fit, if I had to do it. He said, exactly, that is why we are doing it now, I said, why now, its not necessary unless the procedure fails. He said that i exhibited "strange behavior", why, because I wanted him to be gentle and cried when he hurt me?! He confirmed the specula portion wasn't necessary to administer the drug, but because I expressed that it might be painful, it was now his new condition to give me the non-surgical pill. What a jerk! So I said that was not fair that I had to do that now (and I wasn't comfortable having an angry person open a specula inside me), so he stated he wouldn't treat me, to which i was fine with. But if HE dropped out of the treatment, how can he legally insist on still charging me (charge card run before appointment...) Now i know why on the phone they ask people if they have been refused treatment by another OB/GYN for this procedure,...because THEY refuse people if they don't give in to the comando control tactics. No one should have to agree to someone putting something inside their body that they do not want and is unnecessary for the procedure at hand. Not only was the whole morning a waste of time, I feel violated. And I still feel sore by the unecessary stretching he did just to be a jerk. The Doctor was a sadist, pervert, and has tolerance and anger issues.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stephen Hindes

Stephen Hindes is a medical doctor. Most of us think that doctors should help people and not hurt them.

At his abortion clinic called Healthy Futures for Women, babies are killed. That is not good.

Another thing, on the Healthy Futures for Women website there are many lies and exaggerations. Most of it is them trying to make themselves look bigger than they are. They also claim to be on the campus of a hospital but are not. I guess that is supposed to give a woman assurance that if she has a complication from abortion, which many do, she can just pop into the hospital. The abortionist, Steve Hindes, doesn't even have privileges there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Healthy Futures For Women

Healthy Futures For Women is not safe for children. It's a place where they die.

That's not healthy for women either. They are the mother of a dead baby and they had a part in it. It's something they will always carry.

Steve Hindes also known as Stephen Hindes is the abortionist at Healthy Futures For Women. He is not helping women and their babies enjoy a healthy future when he kills the baby for money.

Think for yourself. This is not right.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Healthy Futures For Women

Healthy Futures For Women is an abortion clinic located at 300 E Hampden in Englewood, Colorado.

The abortionist is Stephen Hindes also known as Steve Hindes.