Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rape and Incest

Shouldn’t abortion be legal because of rape and incest?

Let’s think about it. Why should we punish the baby for the crime and sin of his father? The baby is innocent and his mother is innocent.

Some people argue that it would be punishment and bring trauma to the mother if she has to carry a baby from rape or incest. I would agree that it would be hard but killing the baby won’t erase what has already happened.

Another reality is that the mother is indeed a mother. What grows in her womb is her child even though the father is a horrible person. If she gets an abortion, she adds trauma to trauma. She then adds guilt to her life for what she has done.

Abortion is not the solution.

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If you go to Healthy Futures for Women the bottom line is money. Make sure you don't try to pay with a check. You, your life and situation are probably not their highest concern. Steve Hindes is the abortionist at Healthy Futures for Women. He makes a lot of money from abortion.

Don’t make a mistake that you will carry forever. Look for answers that will result in life for you and your baby. Abortion will not bring that.