Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Abortionists Ignore Real Needs of Women

Here is a great article from Citizenlink about the true needs of women seeking abortion:

Abortionists Ignore Real Needs of Women

They do not touch on the root causes that drive women to abortion clinics.

Abortion businesses speak in a compassionate-sounding way about women who are "driven" to abortion — by the loss of a job, lack of health care, low income or lack of support from the father of the child — but they do nothing to address the root causes that lead these women to think abortion is their only option.

Several news reports have documented the rise in abortions as the economy has soured.

Paula Gianino, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region, said the recession clearly was a factor behind the rising abortion numbers late last year at the six clinics she oversees, Newsday reported.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois said that in January it performed the highest number of abortions in its history, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Feminists for Life (FFL) believes women deserve better.

"Abortion providers have failed to connect women to the help they need and want," FFL President Serrin Foster wrote to supporters. "We mourn with these women, and for the children they will never meet."

Foster said abortion doesn't solve any real problems.

"These women still face the same economic strife," she said. "They (go) back to work for the same employers who didn't accommodate their needs. They (go) home to the same husbands or partners who wouldn't or couldn't provide the support they needed and deserved."

Foster said abortionists talk about women who are poor and in need of prenatal care, but life advocates can provide real help.

"You and I can tell women in need that pregnancy resource centers help lead women through the maze of available resources," she said.

Visit the Feminists for Life Web site.

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