Sunday, November 16, 2008

Abortion and Adoption

"things are messed up when an abortion is $500 and an adoption is $25,000"

Camron Strang

Healthy Futures for Women is an abortion clinic. Steve Hindes is the abortionist. He is also known as Stephen Hindes.

He likes to be known as a Family Practice doctor. That's how he looks on his "reputable" website Even on the abortion site, Healthy Futures for Women, he doesn't make himself known but everybody knows that he is the one who kills the babies. He claims to have killed thousands.

I wonder if he is ashamed of what he does. I wonder if his own kids know.

Adoption is much better than abortion. The baby lives and the mother avoids a load of regrets. Abortion makes the abortionist richer. Adoption gives life to a lot of people.

Choose life.

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